November 1, 2021

Woori Bank Website Design & Development

Welcome to the redesigned Woori Bank website, featuring a fresh new look and simplified design.

Open Project

UX/UI Website Design, Website Development, Content input

Woori Bank is one of the leading commercial banks with headquarters based in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Woori Bank (Cambodia) has operated for almost 30 years by serving Cambodian smart financial services and solution through banking experiences.
The challenges
Woori Bank has many banking products to display on the website. To make it simple for users to explore, Woori Bank has worked with BIGEIGHT Marketing Agency to redesign the UX/UI to easily draw the viewers to discover more about each product.
Wooribank old website
Woori bank old design website (WB Financial)
The banking industry has alot of services which contain many products including personal, business, and digital banking. Woori Bank has chosen BIGEIGHT to design, develop and input content for the website based on the value and mission.

UX/UI Design

Website Development

Website Maintenance

Content input

The New
Look of banking

Before After
Introducing the new website design banking! BIGEIGHT team had create the easy to browse, explore and compare all of your banking needs. Savings, checking and more. It's never been easier to get started with Woori Bank.
Brand Color Palette. A neutral color palette, with blue and dark blue as the primary colors, was chosen to maintain the minimal brand direction.
wooribank icon
Woori Color

Design & Development

Let‘s find what you need easily. When you visit our homepage, firstly, you can find the products with simple and easy navigation. Then let’s know more with clear contents and design. We design all those products and loving the UX/UI. The structure is clear, simple, and clean, so it's easy to find what everyone are looking for.
New website is loaded with information, so you can easily find out what we got to offer. We've updated the look and feel of our website to provide a more user-friendly experience, regardless of your device or connection speed.
Wooribank mobile responsive
Wooribank Website
Wooribank Mobile Responsive
Wooribank Website


Beside the design and development for new website for WOORI Bank. BIGEIGHT team also working on content input in order to have clear content and a nice design for all content information on the website. Good content input will help users easy quickly find all content information easily.
Wooribank website
The results
Thanks to Woori Bank’s collaboration with BIGEIGHT Marketing Agency, this is one of the most practical banking websites in which people can easily find what they want to know when they visit it. Our shared goal was to make this bank’s contents more accessible and useful for the public. WOORI Bank are very satisfied with its overall appearance.

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