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Mobile App UX/UI Design

FTB Bank design
Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia which is known as FTB Bank (Cambodia) is truly the first and foremost local-commercial bank that has operated in Cambodia since 1979. With over 40 years of experience in baking and finance, FTB is committed to provide convenience and innovative solutions which respond to customer needs and grow together.
The Challeges
As the technology keeps developing every single day and despite the pandemic, mobile applications and financial literacy have become more aware and users started to adapt to online banking. FTB has cooperated with BIGEIGHT Marketing Agency on creating the new look of FTB Mobile UX/UI and video animation in order to display each awesome feature.
FTB Bank old app
FTB Previous version
FTB Mobile is one the simplest mobile banking applications with a unique UX/UI that is designed by BIGEIGHT Marketing Agency. We enhance the experience of banking by understanding user's aha moment, hooking users to satisfaction with each different value such as transferring process, mobile top-up, bill payment etc making it easy with their daily usage. On top of that, we have also chosen to work on video animation by getting users to learn more about FTB Mobile. The purpose of every single video is to desire users to understand better digital banking and generate more accessibility through FTB mobile.

User Research

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

New design

Before After
We set out to create the most straightforward, attractive, and enjoyable mobile banking app design possible in order to accomplish our core objective of transforming complicated banking solutions into something exciting for customers. Our case study on mobile banking UX aimed to show that beautiful app design is possible without sacrificing any of the many different financial services and goods.
FTB icon
FTB Color
FTB Bank App


We want you to discover our path to a new understanding of financial product design which is unlike anything you have ever seen in this mobile banking case study. BIGEIGHT Design team focus more on improve on mobile banking UX design concept is not intended to be the "ideal" banking solution.
FTB Bank design
FTB Bank New App
FTB Bank App
FTB Bank App
FTB Bank App

Mobile App
Video tutorial

All successful rebranding projects Gooshop something from the old brand into the new, creating a sense of familiarity for the brand's clients, target audiences and admirers.
Video: "How to activate account in FTB Mobile App"
Video: "How to activate FTB account with Card"
Video: "How transfer money from FTB account to Bakong"
Video: "How to topup money in FTB mobile App"
Video: "How to pay water supplies & electricity in FTB Mobile App"
The results
We BIGEIGHT Marketing Agency are very pleased to work with the FTB team from project to project smoothly and build a long-term relationship together by enabling Cambodian users to adapt with mobile banking and making the banking mobile application more time-saving and convenient in order to increase the mobile digital literacy as well.

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