Aeon Cambodia Website Development

Aeon Cambodia website is one of the platforms which all of the customers need to access in order to get information.

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UX/UI Website Design, Website Development, Content input

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    Aeon Cambodia

Aeon Cambodia Website Development
Aeon Group is a well-known worldwide trade group with 179 joint-venture around the world. In 2014, Aeon Cambodia has introduced the first general-merchandise store in which customers are able to find a variety of products for daily usage and start expanding two other businesses such as Aeon MaxValu and Aeon Online. On top of that, Aeon Cambodia also has operated its own private brand with different categories includes TopValu, Home Coordy, iC Innercasual.
The challenges
As one of the huge businesses in Cambodia, the Aeon Cambodia website is one of the platforms which all of the customers need to access in order to get information. The overall impression towards looking on a website is important, Aeon wants the user's feelings, reactions, and perceptions to be engaging after visiting the website.
Aeon Cambodia Old Website
AEON Cambodia (Old Website)
BIGEIGHT got an offer from Aeon Cambodia to work on the new design of UX/UI and the development of the Aeon Cambodia website to make it unique and engaging by keeping it ease of access and intelligibility.We had working technology expert partner "Coolbeans Digital "who will in charge for UX/UI Design and Development for this website.

UX/UI Design

By Coolbeans Digital

Website Development

By Coolbeans Digital

Customer Services

Content Input

New design

Before After
We had update new design website with the best experience possible when browsing Aeon Cambodia website. Here's what we changed: We've updated the look and feel of the website to provide a more user-friendly experience.
Aeon Cambodia icon
Aeon Cambodia Color

Design & Development

New UX/UI Design for Aeon Cambodia starts from the ground up to provide a more seamless, easy experience that gives you quick access to the information and products you want. And we‘ve done away with unnecessary information, so you can get where you want to go faster. Whether you prefer laptops, tablets, or smartphones - Aeon Cambodia Website loads quickly and provides easy access to what you need. We hope this updated website will help you learn about Aeon Cambodia - where AEON Cambodia are and whatthey do - as well as learn more about whatthey offer.
Aeon Cambodia Website
Aeon Cambodia Responsive
Aeon Cambodia Website Desktop
Aeon Cambodia Website
Aeon Cambodia Website


Beside the design and development for new website for AEON Cambodia. BIGEIGHT team also working on content input in order to have clear content and a nice design for all content information on the website. Good content input will help users easy quickly find all content information easily.
Aeon Cambodia Website
The results
We Bigeight Marketing are really glad about what we have been working with Aeon Cambodia so far so on what is beyond our client's expectations. Developing this website makes it easy for Aeon’s customers to search for products and services as well as the bunch of information that they are looking for.

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