June 3, 2019

GooShop Marketing Campaign

GooShop aims to promote a good habit of reading by moving forward with the best e-reader devices and educational technologies.


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GooShop Cambodia aspires to be the first and leading force in promoting the importance of reading in Cambodia through the use of e-reader devices and other educational technologies. They provide such as Amazon Kindle, Likebook E-readers, Amazon Fire Tablets, and high-end office supplies.
The Challeges
In the beginning, the original name of the business was Kindle Cambodia, the name itself is very stick forward that the business is focused on selling kindle. The name isn't suitable for the long term since the company offers educational technologies other than Kindle. As a result, Bigeight recommends that they rethink their name and branding.
In Cambodia, selling electronics education products is a very fresh concept idea but at the same time the marketing is also very critical too. Based on market research, One of the most challenging things in the market is the price. As far as educational products, their prices are reasonable. However, they will not be able to gain trust from customers unless they strengthen their branding.

Logo & Branding

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Website Development

Logo &

Start off with the name: Why gooshop? The reason behind is that they want to encourage and motivate people to read more. It can serve as a motivator for people to develop a reading habit, as well as read faster and more books. It seems that Go!Go! is two phrases of cheering. However, we used Goo! It is more powerful, in a single phrase. (why choose that name ?)
Brand Color Palette. A neutral color palette, with black and orange as the primary colors, was chosen to maintain the minimal brand direction. Various shades of grey were added as secondary colors to allow flexibility in brand roll out design without detracting.


All successful rebranding projects Gooshop something from the old brand into the new, creating a sense of familiarity for the brand's clients, target audiences and admirers.


To set Gooshop apart from its competitors and to ensure a memorable brand, the printing finish of blind debossing has been used for various brand roll out items.


The purpose of a web presence is to translate Gooshop's products offerings and visions onto the web domain. Therefore, designing with the end users in mind, it's important that the layout simplifies the navigation process in order to lead the users to a practical shopping experience.
The results
It's been such a pleasure working with the team Gooshop. The commonality that we share in our approach for human centric design and simplicity has made the entire process a smooth sailing.

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